Comments received from TLI members on their FB page …..


A big thank you to you guys for keeping us mad racers safe 👍

Karl Smith Even though you only got the one clip, it does show what a great job both the bike marshals and the other marshals do. Thanks

Nick Dickens A race with bike marshals always feels safe and motorists tend to take notice of them and slow down or stop when the race is approaching. Love having them around so big thanks to them.

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Paul…..Warrington Road Racing Club

Certainly changes the whole dynamic of the race with you guys on board. We ride our chain gang every week around this course and believe me it makes such a difference when you are in attendance.’

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Received from Adele from the Alder Hey Easter Egg Run

hello Barrie…hope you had a nice easter…we thought we would let the euphoria of the Alder Hey Egg run subside …before we got to say the important thank u’s…to all who helped us…everyone agrees the bike marshal’s posse … punched well above the bar… and without you’re help on the toy and egg runs it would not be possible..we are blessed to be in you’re circle of friend’s… and thank you as well for that … once again we thank you and all the posse Baz…quo vadis my friend…

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From Geoff Saxton Tunstall Wheelers

Last year they helped keep me and many others safe. Thank you guys. This year more of the same hopefully – plus booked nice and early for Tunstall Wheelers/Brian Rourke/Pro-Vision road race 17th July.

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From the TLI Cycling Facebook Pages

.the bike marshalls are the best addition we’ve had to road racing safety and professionalism in recent history…they do a fantastic job! Give us a real presence on the roads

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Cheshire Series Road Race 2015

Just wanted to say thanks to all the TLI cheshire series organisers at Lwr Withington last night, Brilliantly organised and co ordinated event, and as has been said before, felt super safe with the motorbike marshalls, they did a brilliant job …Nice One !

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Ellesmere Port Running Club Capenhurst Road Race

On behalf of myself, Ian Cooper and the club I just wanted to say thank you for your invaluable help at Wednesday’s race.
We have had excellent feedback about your services.

Looking forward to seeing you October 11th!!

Thanks again

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Vesperados Santa Run

can i say on behalf of Vesperados Scooter Club &The Christie hospital for sick children thank you guys for your help today, went very smooth……….. Stevan Beaver Brown

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Southport Christmas Parade December 2015

Massive thanks for the Bike Marshals for all their hard work controlling our parade, I can’t thank you all enough    Adam Peter Brown

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Stone Wheelers CC Event 19th April 2015


Thank you very much for your support yesterday in the race.   A lot of guys have said how good the race was and how safe you and your team made them feel.   

Ian Holbrook 

Stone Wheelers CC


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