BikeMarshals NW have now partnered with Midlands Bike Marshals to expand on the ever growing need for Motorcycle Safety Groups to help alleviate some of the open risk factors attributed at events.

being experienced in the field across a wide range of events including static, Moving events and processions Midlands Bike Marshals quickly gained popularity and recognition for there efficiency within the Midlands region.

Utilising similar rider skill requirements and abilities as ourselves it was to become a natural  progression to introduce a partnership and in doing so branch out across further regions with the services available.


MBM was founded by Gavin Bache following his own personal experiences during events he found he was seeing areas where safety could potentially pose problems, Having spent 12yrs out on our roads attending accident scenes and sometimes having to place himself in danger for the sake others had led him to develop on his own personal experiences in identifying safety issues and so MBM was born and a team of trusted experienced riders were assembled to bring a training regime together with safety in mind for events and MBM never looked back.


Midlands Bike Marshals Leading the way for a Limousine in a West Midlands festival

More information and contact details for Midlands Bike Marshals can be found at www.midlandsbikemarshals.com

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