Bike Marshals…who are we & what do we do? 

The amounts of vehicles on our roads are increasing. It does not help that most drivers are in a rush and are often distracted by sat-nav’s and mobile phones. Add to the mix the possibility of having anything up to 7000 runners or cyclists on a charity or sportive event and the possibilities of accidents and injuries occurring are dramatically increased. 

Good planning and management are fundamental to the success of any event, but in many cases, once the participants have left the start line they are very much on their own and often in the hands of ‘God and Providence’. 

Back in 2002, the founder of Bike Marshals  Mark Anson, was in that very position and saw the advantage of having a flexible rapid response team who would be capable of watching over the event and assisting when necessary. Mark was a keen biker and could see how motorcycles could be utilised effectively…… Mark contacted a number of experienced riders with advanced motorcycling qualifications with suitable machines and with event training …. Bike Marshals was born! 

The group has expanded and come a long way since those early days, the ethos remains the same. All the members receive training to equip them for most eventualities are first aid qualified and carry adequate first aid kits. Most of our bikes are in conspicuous high visibility livery and are fitted with amber flashing LED warning lights and licenced VHF radios, also mobile telephones connected to helmet mounted Autocom communication systems so are able to contact the event organisers instantly, providing a dynamic overview of events out of their immediate control. 

The majority of our team have previous experience working for the emergency services, police, fire, motorway traffic officer, paramedic etc..all adding to the in-house training which gives us the skills to be able to deal efficiently with all emergency situations which may crop up. We now routinely carry an AED (defibrillator) when attending events.  

We provide safety cover including traffic calming and if required first aid when things go wrong! We fill in the unprotected gaps between the static marshals and stewards on the ground and being so mobile, due to the size and speed of the bike are able to quickly attend any incidents and emergencies and are usually first on scene. 

We are also able to assist with more routine matters such as checking routes and event signage, risk identification and assessment including providing information to participants.  We often are required to provide hi-viz protection at breakdown or other obstruction sites such as puncture repairs, etc 

Although based in the North-West, we are able to cover events throughout the UK……so if you have an event which you feel would benefit from our presence, please join the large group of organisers who already use and can recommend our services….please get in touch.


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