Bike Marshals North Western Region catering for all event types to aid with safety. Experienced, Advanced Riders available

Event Safety Promotion

Bike Marshals take safety serious.
It is little known the safety advantage's Motorcycle Marshals can bring to your events.

Static volunteer Marshals can be seen regularly attending events and whilst they remain invaluable to its safety they can also lack the advantages of making use of Advanced Rider Motorcycle Marshals who are experienced in the field.

Bike Marshals actively seek to minimise risks otherwise left open during events.
Bike Marshals have regularly discovered that once an event organiser tries our service's they will inevitably make requests to us to attend again and again.

What We Can Offer

First Aider Riders Available

Experienced in the field

Working Pro-Actively with Event Organisers

Catering for Moving, Static & Sportive Events

Radio Communications equipped to ensure efficiency

Fully Marked Motorcycles Available for Conspicuancy

Highways Compliant Hi-Viz Rider Clothing

Benefits of a Motorcycle Marshal

Delivery of safety measures to public and private events

Provider of first aider riders to fulfill your event requirements

First level support for unexpected incidents